Big book little book.

single mom two kidsI’ve had the book Siblings Without Rivalry on my radar for a while. I’ve been curious about it because I do wonder whether my family will grow in some way someday. I also thought it might be helpful because for the past year I’ve been swapping childcare with one family and it’s a very special relationship between the two kids – including some moments of sibling-like rivalry. Then I read it as a recommendation on a list of career-related books. Then. I met the most amazing sibling group of five recently. (Their ages ranged from 12 to 24 and…wow…were they an amazingly connected family or what. I wished I could have followed all of them around for a week). One of the most helpful parts of the book was the tips on how to put yourself in the siblings shoes. It really is hard to fully understand but the authors were able to put it into terms that instantly send you there. And the idea of loving each sibling uniquely not equally. So helpful. One tip I can see using right away in my child’s life and in my work life is after an incident giving all the attention to the injured party and none to the aggressor. Well, I can go on and on with more tips or you can just check it out here!

single mom books

Up in the Garden Down in the Dirt is a beautiful book about the seasons of a garden. It’s by the same author and illustrator of Over and Under the Snow, which we also love. The illustrations are beautiful, the text has a nice rhythm and is really educational. I recommend this one to any of you gardening families out there! Gardening/farming is a big theme in our life. We spend lots of time tending our little community garden plot and we love to go visit local farms. Making sure my child can see clearly where food comes from and how much effort it takes to grow food has been a big goal of mine since I found out I was going to be a parent. This book is a great help in that goal especially in extending the conversation to the role of soil. Another favorite first gardening book is this one. I kind of credit it for my son being such an early talker, too!


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