The one item that saved me as a single parent of a newborn.

single mom newbornI was talking with a friend who works as a postpartum doula about sleep training. I was joking that I belong to the Church of the Rock-n-Play because one of those soooooo saved me when my son was a newborn. My baby started sleeping through the night at 11 weeks old. Twelve hours a night of sleep. I truly think it is because of the cradling shape and gentle, motion of the Rock-n-Play. But who knows?! Maybe he was just born to be a sleeper. I always highly recommend them to new parents. Some other things that helped us in the early days…

This swing.

Vitamins. Take them to prevent postnatal depletion. Because no one has time for that.

Hard-boiled eggs. Trail mix. Water, water, water. In the beginning it’s a marathon folks. Or maybe a vision quest.

Swaddles. And these ones, too.

Weleda diaper rash cream. I tried so many and this is the one that worked. This and some good ol’ fashioned sunshine.

Sitz herbs.

Soapwalla deodorant. Because sometimes a shower was not in the forecast.

What about you? Was there an item that really helped in the newborn days?


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