Big book little book.

single mom booksAs soon as my son could talk I realized he could identify birds. Years ago I did wildlife research including bird identification – so I’m quite a nerd when there are birds around! I would name the birds for him and pretty soon my one year old was naming them off before I could – beating me to the punch! He’d point out Mallards, seagulls, American crows, different types of herons, scrub jays, robins, chickadees, juncos, etcetcetc from a very young age. A kid after my nerdy heart. We love this Guide to Birding. The illustrations make it great for a child and the text for each bird really tells the story of migration patterns, feeding and nesting behavior and other quirky little bits in a way that has been very engaging. I’ve owned many bird guides in my life but this is my favorite one for kids. Bonus points that it has my favorite bird on the cover! Cedar Waxwings are awesome.

single parent booksI’m currently combing through The Read Aloud Handbook. I’ve loved reading all sorts of books (not just baby books) to my kid since he was three days old, so I was pretty excited to hear about this treasury of books that are great for reading aloud. What a great way to get lots of new words and ideas into a child’s life. And remember the sibling group of five I recently met? One of the things they cheered about with their childhoods was that their mom read to them aloud. Sometimes they would take turns reading. Sometimes she would read while the kids cleaned up (brilliant right???!!!). The kids themselves credited this habit of reading aloud as part of why they are so close. No better advertisement than this family if you ask me! Anyway, most of The Read Aloud Handbook is a list of great books to read so it’s a great book to have on hand.


2 thoughts on “Big book little book.

  1. I love that your son is also (already!) a bird enthusiast like his mama! That’s awesome. I see some birding trips in your future.

    Evelyn and I share a love of reading. I love sharing this with her. She has enjoyed being read to from a very young age. And her “go to” activity on her own is always her books. I’ve never heard of this read-aloud book. I think I may need to get it!


    • Every single day is a birding trip if you are with me! Lol!

      The read-aloud book is awesome. It’s not just me who thinks so – it’s in it’s like millionth edition! Recommend, recommend, recommend.


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