So. One of the toys tried to kill me last night. There I was, doing good deeds (laundry), and out of nowhere I tripped on a busy board. What the hell. Not only did I trip over it but I impaled my foot on part of it when I landed. Guys. I’ve never cut myself so badly. Lots of blood. I had to decide: do I faint right now or call an ambulance? By the time I decided to call an ambulance I let go of the pressure I was applying and the bleeding had already stopped. I felt half really silly and clumsy and half “Iiiiiiiii’m every woman. It’s all in meeeeeeee! Anything you want done baybay. I do it naturally….” Being the only adult in the house = not for the feint of heart.

Anyway, I can’t put weight on it yet so I’ve had to cancel on two clients today. And that’s not painless either. So here I am, telling you about it and realizing just how used to having a foot I’ve gotten.


5 thoughts on “Ouch.

    • Thanks! It was this super cool busy board with real locks and keys etc that I got on Etsy. Thought it was so cool but now it’s my worst enemy! I found I can walk pretty well in my super cushy running shoes though so…yay for running shoes!

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