My potty training advice…

single mom potty training

homemade potty stool, photo via

It’s true that as of today my toddler will have been officially using the toilet for one week. It’s also true that it has been a year and a half in the making. Soooo I don’t know that I have the best advice. Though I will tell you what ultimately helped us.

  1. Not doing a rewards system. Mostly because, geez, this single mama does not have time for that. Also I don’t think I would like the effect of prizes/rewards on my particular toddler. :/
  2. Having two potties. We have a little potty and a seat adapter for the regular toilet. If I had to chose one I’d go with the seat adapter. Though two were helpful because, you know, going at the same time ‘n stuff. 😉 Plus the little potty can go with us out and about… (Also, one thing that helps with the big potty was this type of step stool).
  3. Not putting any pressure on myself. I first tried potty training when he was about one year old. Hey, I heard Swedish kids are potty trained by one! And I totally thought we could just power through it. Not so with my little guy! Wish I avoided putting pressure on myself to have him potty trained by a super young age. It is not a reflection of my parenting! It’s just a reflection of what he is ready for.
  4. Having underwear around as an option. I found my toddler was really enticed by this. Every once in a while he would ask to wear them out of the house. And every once in a while = accident. Until last week! Before that though, they were really great for practicing at home. And practicing choosing between diapers and underwear.
  5. Training in sessions. I never set a timer or anything but I did like the idea of using the potty in the morning at home and then a diaper for being out and about then back home and back to the potty for the afternoon. That’s what we’ve been doing very casually for the past several months.
  6. Diapers at nighttime (but not nap-time). Because nighttime needs to be for sleeping around here for now. Nap-time is great practice (and so far so good!)

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