Kintsukuroi: on being laced with gold.

strong single mom

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I recently stumbled on the blog Sweet Madeleine and after (almost) reading through the blog cover to cover, this post of hers really stuck in my mind. If you are new here you probably don’t know I’ve been through some hellfire and brimstone in my life.  And even my more recent path to single parenthood was…let’s say jeweled with many grenades.

Many times in my life people have learned my story and have reacted with: “Wow. But then how are you so…normal?” Hmmmm. Why indeed. The truth is I’m not. (And you probably aren’t either). I’ve seen the dark side a time or…ten. And it’s empowering to know I can come back from that. And go on to raise an awesome kid. I think there is a lot of truth in what Madeleine says about coming through painful experiences both stronger and with more beauty. Laced with gold. From my vantage point now, I can say I’m pretty damn grateful for where my experiences have led me in life. If you told me when I was a kid I would feel that way some day I would equal parts not believe you and then probably pray to all gods that it was true. Anyone out there going through some shizz – we can meet up here anytime. I will tell you that someday you will feel bulletproof and deliriously happy.

*Sweet Madeleine is pretty amazing blog written by a single parent. She also has written a book! Can’t wait to check it out.


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