BIG READ, little read.

single mom victory garden

Our current windowsill garden situation.

farmer memoirIf you know me in real life, I’ve probably talked your ear off about wanting to be a farmer at some point. The idea struck me when I was around seventeen years old and first became a homeowner and, immediately after that, an avid gardener. I packed a lot of garden into that small yard. Three large raised beds, five fruit trees, grapes growing over and arched gateway. That was 17 years ago. Feels like yesterday. Right now we garden on our windowsill and in a tiny community garden plot down the street. All that to say, not only do I love growing things but I also love this genre of books I call homesteader erotica. My latest read on the topic is The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. I’m pretty much never disappointed by a book in this genre and I could list off about two dozen more titles right here right now if you wanted. This on was so descriptive it really sucked me in. Made me hungry and madefarmer jones me feel like I was doing the work right alongside her.

On a similar note, a farming book my kid LOVES is a little bit vintage. It’s Richard Scarry’s The Animals of Farmer Jones and I don’t know how we stumbled on our copy because it looks like purchasing it these days is quite a hefty sum! I’d say it was totally worth it. Yeah, I actually would buy it for the $17.50 Amazon is showing right now. What a conversation starter this book has been for us. About farming, responsibility, eating, hunger, animals, etcetcetc. Love this one so much.


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