On digital packrattery.

single mom decluttering

I’m a fan of not having a lot of stuff. Perhaps it’s a trait I picked up from the nomadic ways of my childhood in foster care days. Even so, I find every now and then that quite a few “useful” things have creeped into my home. As evidenced by my undertaking of the “Minimalist Challenge” a while back. Lately I’ve seen so many people reading or carrying around this book. Have you read it? Did you like it? And have you gotten on board with the whole “capsule” wardrobe thing? Anyway, this whole decluttering/minimalist thing seems to be having its heyday right now.

Today I opened up Stickies on my Mac so I could use a sticky note as a clip board for some links I needed to update for a client. I hadn’t used Stickies in years so ohohoho behold the time capsule that is my notes from a certain era of my life. I seemed to use it mostly for trip itineraries: NYC, UK, Philadelphia, Atlanta…so fun to stroll down those memory lanes. Then there were some stickies for work projects from job I HATED. Felt so good to delete those ones. And omigosh a huge long note listing out every text message spanning a six month relationship I was in. Wowie. So weird that I transcribed them but also so hilarious and such a reminder of who I was then. Also? Some people are just hilarious texters.

Anyway, it got me thinking about digital packrattery. Sure, my home isn’t filled to the gills with a bunch of crud. But my computer? Hooboy. How about you? Are you also a digital packrat?


2 thoughts on “On digital packrattery.

  1. This is a funny post! 🙂 I am the worst at mac stickies… I save half passwords and account info, random things to remember from a phone call convo, quotes I like, and other who-knows-whats I feel the need to place there. Every few months I look through things and can’t remember a good portion of what I typed in! I read the Magic of Tidying Up book, have you seen that one? I loved most of it, but this Minimalist Challenge might be a nice upkeep.



    • Omg. I am still cracking up whenever I think about that list of text messages. A gift that keeeeeeeps on giving. So not deleting that one.

      I’ve heard of the magic tidying book, people are loving it. The Minimalist Challenge is a little easier for me. If I were to dump everything into one big pile? As a single parent of a toddler – no can do!


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