little read, little read.

I cannot tell a lie. This last week I used all my reading time to watch episodes of Felicity. It’s a pretty fun fall activity if you ask me! So instead of an adult book and a kid book, this week I thought I would share two “little” reads with you.

single parent booksWe have been enjoying Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. It’s an old one but a good one. And great for talking about how neighborhoods change over the years. We live in a rapidly gentrifying area so it’s on my mind a very lot. The book is about a lovely, little farmhouse and the lives lived in and around it as the city slowly encroaches. The illustrations are beautiful and give us lots to talk about. I love our conversations over books. My kid is so hilariously serious sometimes. And he comes up with the most surprising observations sometimes. Kid’s eyes, I swear, I must be blind compared to them!

single parent books

Another book that gets a lot of air time in our house is A House Is a House For Me. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid and I wracked my brain for almost two years trying to remember the name of it so I could get a copy to show my son. Finally I stumbled on it and we have read it 4,986,347,828 times since then. It’s one of the best children’s books ever. So many great words to introduce to your child’s vocabulary, and the illustrations…I think they are the best ever. How about you, do you remember this one?


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