Running to catch up!

single parent self care

I’m still running! So many mornings I very nearly talk myself out of it. But I just tie on my running shoes, grab my kitchen timer and walk my wee one to preschool. Once I’ve gotten us there I’m much more pumped to get running. My recent injury (aka nearly my death by toy) sidelined me for just over a week but I’m back at it! Less jiggly everyday! And if that wasn’t satisfying enough, I’ve also lost close to 5 inches overall from my waist, hips, thighs and arms. Woo! Something is actually happening! It’s working – I’m getting healthier. Slowly but surely.

I’m still at four or five 30-minute runs per week. And I’m usually doing a yoga video after, though I just found this lil’ workout that is challenging but very quick. The whole thing from start to shower takes me 40 minutes. I’ve found that changing things up a bit every few days keeps things interesting – so tomorrow I’m going to do this one after running.

Anyone else have some Autumn fitness goals? Its so nice to be outside this time of year!


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