BIG READ, little read.

5119ysKVNqL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_There has been a great thread going on in a local parent’s email list I’m on. It’s all about different family’s suggestions for children’s books that go beyond the typical – that carry deeper lessons like fostering diversity, mindfulness, kindness. I thought I’d share one of our current favorites here: The Listening Walk. It’s about a kid and her father and the “listening” walks they go on. They do not talk, they just walk together and listen to the sounds of their city. Dogs, lawnmowers, the wind in the trees, new cars and old cars. Since we read it the first time a few weeks ago we’ve been on many of our own listening walks. After a while though my toddler says: “Mama, I wanna go on a talking walk.” This kid loves his conversations (or conbersation as he says).

single mom adviceI’m going to confess that I haven’t read a BIG book this past week. That is because a friend turned me onto this show called Friday Night Lights. When he lent me his entire set of the DVDs I thought – this sounds terrible, a show about high school football? How am I going to get through this and report back to him? Welllll, he wasn’t lying. It was really good and I completely looked forward to the end of the day when my kid was in bed and I could watch an episode or two. The actors are pretty amazing and it was impossible not to get a little attached to some of them. The show approached some difficult issues (racism, gender, sex, feeling left behind, success and failure) in a way that felt really helpful for me to think about as a parent (who will be a teen someday). If you haven’t seen it already, it’s really good. You might get sucked in – don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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