5 Things I love about being the single parent of a 2.5 year old.

  1. It’s easier than the newborn days. I think I’m finally feeling far enough away from the first year that I can see that it is easier now. The first year is so hands on and labor intensive (no pun intended!) I feel like I can finally sit back and watch him go.
  2. No more diapers! Saving me so much time and money! And it’s so cute to see how empowered he feels about using the toilet! So cute.
  3. Feeling confident as a parent. I feel good about my parenting choices. I’m not second guessing and I’m not as susceptible to other people’s advice and to caring what other people think. We’re good! You’re good! We’re all good!
  4. Help around the house. For a while now I’ve been enjoying my toddler’s help around the house. From picking up, washing his hands on his own, pouring his own water and dressing himself… Having his help putting away the dishes, preparing a meal and putting away groceries is pretty awesome.
  5. Watching him learn to read. I’m not teaching him to read but since he was only three days old we have been enjoying reading book after book after book together. Recently he’s been getting more curious about the words on the page and wanting to point them out and trace them with his finger. As someone who taught herself how to read, I feel pretty proud to watch him trying to figure it all out.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I love about being the single parent of a 2.5 year old.

  1. Having a 2.5 year old *is* pretty awesome! I actually find it harder than parenting a newborn, though. Maybe it’s partly momnesia, but I remember the days where I could wear Evelyn everywhere and didn’t have to chase her or beg her to sleep, or any number of things. I miss the baby stage sometimes!


    • Oh dang! I guess that speaks to the idea that certain stages are harder/easier for different parents. The first 3 months were…phew…so hard for me. Although I battled a serious infection the first three months so who knows…it might have been a lot easier if it weren’t for that.

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