Eating emotions.

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Never in my life would I say I “ate” my emotions before I became a single parent. But since then, my downfall has been the evenings after a long, hard day of either parenting or office politics or both. My son goes to bed so early that I find myself alone with hours of time to fill…usually with more work. I got into the habit of snacking that whole time, too. That translated into lots of nourishment I didn’t really need. I say translated past tense because I’ve decided I’m done with that. It is not helping anything emotionally and it has made my running and fitness goals that much harder to reach. I’m done eating loneliness, boredom and frustration. I’m done eating stress. It doesn’t taste good.

So I started last Friday with a whole day of just fruit and veggie juices and a regular family dinner with my son. I bought some locally available juices but this one looks similar. After that the plan is just no extra eating after dinner. So far so good! I’m feeling excited about running farther and faster as I go along. And glad to funnel my energy into other things. I know this is kind of a taboo subject but I’m relieved to break the ice and I hope others feel more free to share similar experiences.

Have a happy, healthy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Eating emotions.

  1. I could have written this myself! I gained a lot of weight in Evelyn’s second year of life because when I put her to bed, it suddenly became a “eat all the junk food” free-for-all for me. It was delicious, but made me filled with shame the next day and my waist line sure did pay for it.


    • It’s been such a strange feeling right. Almost like you don’t really recognize your life anymore so you might as well not recognize your body anymore either. It feels a little bit like that for me.


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