A childcare miracle.

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I’ve recently stumbled on a childcare miracle for my little family. I met a mom of a kid my child’s age who decided to move her family about an hour and a half away to another city. Problem was, she still needed to be at the office (in my area) two days per week. So I suggested that she could stay at my place one night per week in exchange for basically babysitting my child while he was asleep. So I could go out at night once per week. Well, we are about one month into this experiment and it has been sooooo great for me. Just getting to be outside at night, walking in the evening air, has been so helpful to my single parent spirit. Getting to see a movie, or have a meal or a drink with a friend has been a game changer. So nice to have an adult conversation at the end of the day. I thought I missed that but I didn’t realize quite how much. I’m looking forward to using my newfound evenings to take a dance class, rekindle old friendships, and even join a book club (my book club of one has gone on looong enough!!!)

Added bonus, this woman is a really cool person with a lovely family. The price is right for both of us so it’s really a win-win. I’m looking forward to feeling more and more in touch with the world around me every week! How about you? Would you try a similar arrangement? Do you have your own childcare miracle in life?


3 thoughts on “A childcare miracle.

  1. That sounds amazing! I would love an arrangement like that. Trouble is, I live in a 2-bedroom and wouldn’t have the space for this kind of thing. But oh wow, I sure would love it. I’m glad you have that time to yourself. I know you treasure it – I would too!


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