I used to…

single parent blog

I used to let strangers hold you when you were a baby. On the train. Waiting in line to get your birth certificate. In parks in San Francisco. You made so many moments more fun for people. You were just too magical of a creature to keep all to myself. Now no one can hold you for long!

I used to pick you up while you were napping. Never wake a sleeping baby but there were times I needed to hold you. Now, never wake a sleeping toddler!

I used to climb into your crib to snuggle you at night. You were an all night sleeper so early in your life. I would simply miss you after a few hours. I wonder if you ever knew I was there while you snoozed so soundly. Now? I’m not going to lie – I still do this.

I still kiss your cheeks as many times as you can stand.

I still surf the internet late into the night coming up with great long lists of books I want to read to you.

I still think about you almost every minute. You are so much a part of my every decision – I marvel to remember how I enjoyed my selfishness before you came along.

I still feel so lucky that you came along and just HAD to be here. You had to.


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