Hibernation mode.

single mom toddler

I’m writing to you right now because my child is still asleep. At 8:38am on a Saturday morning. Since spring he has been up at about 7am on the dot every morning. But I think he is getting his first cues for winter because he is back to sleeping 13 or 14 hours per night like last winter. I’m not saying this to brag but I’m just marveling at the situation. I got to sleep in. Then answer a bunch of emails. Then do some online shopping and automating. Then write on my blog! It is an unbelievable good morning.

Thinking about his trend toward hibernating got me thinking about this home we live in, in this city, in this state. And all the other homes we have lived in in his life so far. So many place and memories – good and bad – we have lived quite a life as a team so far. He was conceived in Manhattan. In love on the East Side. We made our way back west to California when he was about six months along still snug in my belly. All this time the thought of returning to NYC has pained me in that bittersweet way that memory lane has over you. NYC has a strange pull on a lot of people, including me. There is pride in feeling like you can succeed there and earn the title of New Yorker. And that can be hard to let go of – making a sort of internal war. It is a thrilling place to life (though certainly far from the only one of that kind) and that makes it almost like a drug that is incredibly hard to give up.

I’m from a similar place – where we live now – an area where your address can come along with a slice of pride. And I find that equally hard to give up though I think about it all the time given how the cost of living has absolutely skyrocketed here in the past few years.

How about you? Anyone else out there beginning to hibernate? Or thinking about moving away?


2 thoughts on “Hibernation mode.

  1. Wow. I can’t say I’m not jealous of your son’s sleeping habits. I’d give my right pinky finger for a week of Evelyn sleeping 13 hours in a row without me!

    I live in Toronto which is one of those enviable places, I suppose. I live in a nice neighbourhood and it’s EXPENSIVE. I fantasize about moving somewhere where the cost of living is cheaper, but I would be miserable. I love having the “world” at my fingertips in this city, in this area. But I sure do bitch about this city come winter! I hate the cold!


    • I know. It’s insane. I’ve had many touch and go moments as a mom where I feel like I’m just not up for the job. Except then the sleeping. The sleeping saves my ass. My hat is so off to all the parents who don’t have such a sleeper. Parenting is a damn hard job. My hat is off to any parent.

      Toronto is awesome. I love Ottawa and Montreal, too. I’d love to live any of those places. I’m feeling drawn to the idea of a small town. Rural areas, farms, national and state parks. I’ve always been such a city dweller my whole life but having a small child has made me want to go the other way. I do love the million dollar backyard aspect as you mentioned though. So much opportunity…


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