Can it be Friday yet?

single mom stress

Because good grief, Wednesday is only half over and I feel like I’ve already been through every possible emotion. Here are some things I’m taking comfort in right now:

Fleece pajama season is here!

Soup season, too!

This read about the early days of motherhood and new mom friends.

This lovely article about how the kids of single moms turn out.

This one paints an accurately cozy picture of what single parent families can be like.

Have you heard about this stuff? It’s supposed to make your home smell like a cozy autumn. I’m into that idea!

A friend just invited me to a hygge “party!” I’m really looking forward to it.

Can I just curl up with a light novel for a whole day?  Please universe? Just for a day and then I promise I will go back to the real world.

What about you? Anything getting you through the rough moments these days? Chocolate, wine, compulsively buying magnetic poetry? Anything?