See ya November, hello December…


Well November passed by in a bit of a blur. I’m thankful for this five-year diary for helping me remember all the awesome and awful and awkward and funny things that happen every day. Anyway, I have to say I find single parenting and running a business to be a bit too much. Forget about the cooking and cleaning and planning and stressing. This girl is only sleeping over here because of a little bit of this. I’ve hit pause on the days of making our own yogurt and being able to see the floor without clutter and crumbs, etc. Lately it is all clients, clients, clients, billing, billing, billing, groceries, groceries, groceries. Here’s to a slightly slower December please.


4 thoughts on “See ya November, hello December…

      • Writing (blogging) is my sanity, so I make time for it! Would you believe my little stinker wouldn’t even eat the applesauce I made? She goes through a giant container of it if it’s store-bought and wouldn’t eat mine!


    • I can see blogging as a journaling type sanity saver. I’m pretty private over here so I guess I don’t get it all out here at this point though. I do think of it as a safe, comforting, positive place though for sure.

      And that’s hilarious about the applesauce! Sometimes you just gotta make applesauce for yourself! Treat yourself right!

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