Four favorite books.


I was recently talking with a friend about some of our favorite children’s books around here. So I thought I would post in really quick and share four of our many favorites. These have been read over and over. The covers are bent and worn and my toddler has been reciting the words for at least the last year. He never seems to tire of these thought…

  1. A House is a House for Me. This is one I remembered vividly from my own childhood. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of it so it took a long time to track it down. The moment I found it though was sooo satisfying! The illustrations are amazing, the rhythm is comforting and the vocabulary introduced is pretty inspired!
  2. In the Night Kitchen. This one is so wacky and the words are poetry. We both love yelling “quiet down there!” and “cock-a-doodle-do!!!” Plus it makes you hungry for cake.
  3. Goodnight, Goodnight. We read this every night for the first year and a half of his life. Such a comfort to us both. I really credit it to a very calm bedtime routine in our house. I also once lent it to his preschool teacher and she loved it! (And she has read a lot of goodnight books over a decade of naptimes!)
  4. Pass the Celery, Ellery!. I love the names in this book. And all the foods. It’s another one that will make you hungry. And there is a space for you to add your family’s names to the rhyme at the end…

I only had time to post four today but there is plenty more where that came from if you enjoyed this post! What are your favorites? Tell me about them in the comments below…


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