Single mom winter.

single mom winter

We had such a fun fall. So many adventures for us that I hope my son will remember for a long time: renting cabin with another single mom and her toddler (frolicking and foraging all over the property and mastering the art of lighting a fire in a woodburning stove – yeah!), hygge parties, Halloween festival in the cemetery, harvest festivals, farm visits, sailing, hikes and even beach days. We couldn’t have crammed in any more fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m excited about the month ahead, too. This December we are renting a snowy cabin with the same friends again, cozy dinner parties, going to see the local production of the Nutcracker (thanks to my client who is excited about my son’s love for ballet – she also sent him this glittery book), friends coming to town for visits, and other annual gatherings. It’s going to be a good one, and we are so lucky to have such great people in our lives to share this season with.

We’ve also been enjoying Snowflake Bentley, The Cozy Book, Winter and any other book featuring snow. And of course a baseball book or two since that is the current obsession over here. If it seems like I write about books a lot it is definitely because we are rich in library books over here! How did I get so lucky to have a kid who loves his tea and books and being such a funny guy? Since the day he was born, he has continued to pull truly awesome people into our lives. What a cool person.

2015 has definitely kicked my ass in some ways but did not keep me down for long! So ready for 2016 after we enjoy a sweet winter with friends.

What are you most looking forward to this December?


2 thoughts on “Single mom winter.

  1. I’m looking forward to Christmas time with my girl, who really seems to “get” that this time of year is magical at this age. We’re going to pick out our tree and decorate it together, bake together, and make gifts for people we love.

    I hope your cabin time is fun – it sounds wonderful!


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