Snug as a bug: links to look at.


Sometimes my kid asks me to wrap him up in a blanket or towel “snug as a bug.” Or he will be wrapping himself in the curtains and I’ll hear him saying to himself “I’m a bug in a rug!” So here’s to staying warm, cozy and snug as a bug in a rug this cold weekend!

Some favorite socks.

This portable heater is sooooo on my wishlist.

A few recent favorites on Netflix:
What Maisie Knew
Some Kind of Beautiful
This Isn’t Funny
The Wolfpack
People Places Things
—and I really enjoyed having Austin to Boston on in the background while I was working the other night – really beautiful music.

Have you heard of adding mint and cilantro to your regular ol’ chicken soup? Yum.

I spent a winter in Wisconsin once and secretly had these hand warmers in my pockets all the time. If I had a microwave I’d totally get myself a reusable pair like any of these.

The perfect hot toddy.

Don’t forget to check out the Geminids!



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