Rich in friends.

single mom pep talk

Honestly, I was just sitting down to write you a huge rant about landlords, paperwork, illnesses and other of life’s mysterious Bermuda triangles of annoyance. But then a friend just asked me what clothes my toddler is in need of. Just a casual text. It reminded me how lucky we are in our friendships. We are rich in friends. Friends who have started preschool co-ops, friends who make jam, friends who think of us every holiday, friends who send us letters and postcards, friends who look at my child with love, friends with good advice. Friends with compliments, friends who let us help them in life, friends who trust us with their secrets, friends who forgive us our toddlerhood. Friends who invite us to dinner, who sneak money into our bags because they refuse to let us pay for lunch. Friends who listen, friends who don’t judge. Seriously. How did I get so lucky?

We are rich in other ways, too: rich in library books, rich in veggies from our garden plot. Rich in religious freedom and fresh air. Rich in preschool artwork. We aren’t rich in money over here, painfully true at times. But, dang, we are rich anyway. How are you feeling rich these days?


One thought on “Rich in friends.

  1. Hello Beck! I love this post and i totally relate to it.
    It’s not everyday that ones look back and realise how lucky we are to have what we have but when we do and take it all in, that feeling that we get.. we’re truly blessed. And just because of your post.. i feel amazingly rich in everything today. 🙂 Thank you once again! God bless.

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