The coolest soap-dish ever.


Photo via Amazon

Yeah, it’s happening. I’m writing about our soap situation. I’m kind of laughing at myself but I’m also really so into the solution I just found and everyone who comes over to our home gets to hear about it so now you do, too!

So, I’m kind of anti-plastic. Yeah, partly because I’m a bit of a hippie but I also have a background in environmental toxicology. We’ve been using a refillable plastic pump bottle of soap for the last almost three years. It’s been ok. Except it’s plastic and it is kind of hard for a toddler to pump. And the refill bottles of soap…more plastic. I’d been wanting to just switch to a bar of soap and a soap-dish but hmmmm just thought that would turn to mush in the hands of a toddler.

I remembered seeing one of these cool things at an Airbnb spot when we were road-tripping through Vermont…way back when we were a one-year-old family. It is a soap holder that sticks to the wall by the sink, plus a little magnetic metal piece that gets pushed into your bar of soap. Voila! A hanging bar of soap and no mushy soap-dish! It stuck in my mind and now I’ve finally clicked “purchase” and we are both so into it. I wish I got one sooner. And so fun to use it with little locally made soaps! Such a small thing but such a big win for us! Just had to share. If you get one I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!


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