Keep calm: links to look at.

single mom zen

Here is one mind-expanding way to look at parenting.

My toddler and I have been really enjoying this book/CD. So awesomely adorable to see he is listening and hear him taking deep breaths in the back seat!

A friend highly recommends this book and says it gives a really honest depiction of what is asked of us emotionally as parents. It’s on my list now.

I’ve been reading a lot about Waldorf schools and households and one thing that has really struck me is the idea of creating warmth in the home – through close conversations, candlelight, bringing nature in…and just bundling in warm layers. Loving these ideas.

I’ve got a kid who loves greens and meatballs so we’ve been loving this recipe recently. Warm, cozy dinner!


2 thoughts on “Keep calm: links to look at.

  1. Totally love the idea of keeping the house warm. I used to light candles a lot in my old place, but since moved houses I have kinda lost that habit. Now that I have read your post, I will try to get back to it.


    • I heard someone post about a tradition she does every year called “candletime.” Candletime starts on Halloween and ends on New Years Day and consists of simply lighting a candle everyday. She says it calms the holiday insanity for her and helps her remember what is really important. I love the idea and try to light candles as much as possible! (Except my toddler always wants to blow them out!)

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