One foot in front of the other…


I try to keep it really positive here on the blog. But a good half of my experience as a single parent is that it is hard. Often very hard. Peppered with moments of nearly impossible. So, I tend to continue to focus here on ideas and tips and tricks to making it easier. The truth is though, the job description for being a parent is a long one. And the single mom version is often one of doing it ALL yourself and with breaks ranging from very rare to haha yeah right! The scary moments for me seem to usually have something to do with health issues or the absolute stress of dealing with some bureaucracy or other while juggling a toddler. Oh yeah and getting out the door when we need to be somewhere on time. The balance of working and parenting is just extremely hard for me personally. Setting boundaries and writing that rent check every month are not always light moments for us either. As I watch my kid learn more about the world each day, I get the distinct feeling he is not the only one growing up here. Learning a lot and stumbling often has been my experience of parenting the last three years.

Though I’m honestly not sure I’d recommend being a single parent unless you have a super solid support system, I do wish everyone could experience having a child. My own ability to empathize, to relate to people, to understand, to decide, to be clear on things in my own mind and to be clear about them to others, to be kinder (to myself even) – has grown exponentially. Just the sheer amount that I have learned about human development and relationships has been absolutely monumental. And it’s not just me, I hear these same ideas from so many parents. I do wish we had a stronger support system. But I see it – it’s around us and it’s coming in closer all the time. It’s all so hard but it’s all so lucky, too.


2 thoughts on “One foot in front of the other…

  1. I’m experiencing some of my harder, darker moments as a solo parent lately and my anxiety is eating at me because of it. I’ve come to realize that you really CAN do it all – when things go well. But the moment any of the cards falls, then the house can come tumbling down. Sometimes this gig feels fucking impossible without any physical support. And yet here we are…surviving.


    • I totally hear you there. When I was a nanny, it was so doable. Because I could go home at the end of the day… Totally thought parenthood would be just as doable. It’s totally and completely different. This toddler stage has had some very rough moments lately for sure. I’m finding that having done it all with very little support for the last three years has me at the end of my rope sometimes. Just one foot in front of the other…

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