Intentions / February version.


I recently found the blog Mos and Me – another single mom’s blog – and spent a whole evening reading through it and loving it. In a sea of “mom blogs” it’s so great when I stumble on blogs I can really relate to – and this is definitely one of those! I loved her list of intentions and wanted to try it out…so here goes.

Eating / No dairy.

Drinking / Lemon balm + lavender + chamomile tea.

Practicing / Yoga with Adriene. 

Mastering / Accepting help when offered.

Learning / Patience.

Trying / To keep it all together.

Playing / Outside. All day every day.

Finishing / My to-do list. (I credit the Minimalist Challenge for making this even remotely possible).

Reading, me / The Quarter-Acre Farm. 

Reading, toddler / Field Guide.

Remembering / I am brave.

Wearing / Thrift shop rain boots that I somehow get a million compliments on. (Equally awesome, though pricey).

Cooking / Postpartum meals for new moms.

Working / Only during daylight hours! Here’s to turning it all off at night! Finally!!!

Traveling / To Baltimore.

Wanting / More justice, more peace.


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