4th Saturday in January


Oh how I look forward to to the 4th Saturday in January every year. It’s the date of a truly magical party in my neighborhood. It’s not describable so I won’t even try. But I have LOVED having this tradition every year since before I had my son and now to be able to bring him along…? It’s just too good. As soon as the party is over I look forward to it all year long again. I love the feeling of having annual/seasonal traditions especially as they gain more meaning sharing them with this child of mine. I want him to be able to look back and feel that, though we didn’t have much at times, we always had a rich and vibrant tapestry of friends and traditions in our lives. And that the high notes and the low notes all worked so well together in the end.

I’ve been realizing lately that I tend to like to plan things ahead. Or I don’t know if it’s that I like it but it just happens that way for me. There is so much to do, so many people to spend our time with, so many things to learn and explore. So that it turns into having a pretty set calendar quite a while in advance. I’ve also noticed that this makes some people in our lives bristle. They keep a much looser, last-minute schedule and they love it…and are kind of irritated that we often can’t do things on a whim. So when it comes time to schedule together we kind of clash. And I often feel bad. I don’t know what the answer is since some things (like the 4th Saturday in January for example!) are planned way in advance. More and more we have standing dinner plans with friends, garden chores to keep up on, weekend trips here and there… And I love it. I love having these vibrant plans to look forward to, friends to bond and share a life with and a huge outdoor world to explore. Though I wouldn’t have it another way at the moment I do wonder how to make it easier to connect with the more spontaneous friends in our lives. Just something I’m pondering lately…


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