Escape artist: links to look at.

single mom vacation

Do different foods give you a little escape from reality? I saw a pile of red/orange mangoes at the grocery store – and I felt like I was transported to another place. That place would be an all expenses paid tropical vacation. Oh yeah. Got me thinking about how I can escape on my budget and here is what I came up with…

First, pick up those mangoes and make this lovely fruit salad with mint.

Then I’ll be staying up late, forgetting my own woes and diving into this book. (Hope she’s as good a writer as she is an actress!)

You know what a friend cracked open and handed me the other day and made me instantly feel like I was lounging on the beach? Coconut LaCroix.

One place I used to daydream, solve my problems, solve the worlds problems and see the most beautiful and unexpected things – was my bicycle. It’s been years since my last bike was stolen but I’d like to have that feeling again. What’s your place for that?

And this one isn’t so much of an escape, but a friend highly recommended it. Have you heard about “It’s OK Not To Share?” Tell me your thoughts!

I hope you get an escape this weekend – either real or imagined!


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