Happy Love Day.


How did I get so lucky to have a kid who shoves all the Valentine’s he got at preschool into my pockets because he wants them to be for me? Who asks me to put music on for a dance party and then dances all over the house – if I dare stop dancing for a minute to stir dinner on the stove – he grabs me and says “dance with me!!!” Who asks me “do you wanna kiss?” I say yes and get one kiss. Who then asks me “do you want alllll the kisses?” I say yes and I get 29 kisses all over my face. Who climbs into my bed in the morning for a good snuggle. It’s just too good.

How did I get so lucky that I have a friend who picked out flowers with my kid to give to me for Valentine’s Day? A friend who brings over burritos, oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies and a six pack of Baby Daddy beer to cheer me on and make me laugh? A friend who does hundreds of dollars of work on my computer in exchange for just a bowl of pasta? A friend who will say in so many words “I want you and your son to be a real part my life.” A friend who is the closest thing my child has to another mother – so priceless. It’s just so good.

I’m not really sure what this holiday is supposed to be about but I’m feeling really lucky in love today.


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