A full plate.

single mom survival

Oh yeah. I can eat all that.

Wow, I sometimes feel like my plate is just so full. Piles of the good stuff for sure. But sprinkled with some stuff that is damn hard to chew. And no I don’t have more room for your stuff or your stuff or your stuff but…uh…oh…ok yeah just pile it on there I guess go ahead. Um ok yeah I can eat all that no prob. Some days it feels like a soggy paper plate holding all that weight. And sometimes days like that come in long blocks.

Amidst all this I keep finding out that more and more moms I know are on antidepressants. More power to everyone! Right on. I just had no idea how widely used these tools were in my circle. It got me thinking – is that a secret trick to being a happy mom? To rolling with the punches over and over again as a single mom? And if so, should I try it?

I don’t know what the answer is and though I do like the idea of a magic pill. I just think though that the things that get me down are situational and not brain chemical. Bills upon bills, being so busy, not getting a break. All three of those things seem to point to money. I think my magic pill will be money and I look forward to the day my prescription is filled.


2 thoughts on “A full plate.

  1. Can relate to this 100 percent. I wish our society wasn’t all about the mighty dollar. We need more time for ourselves, our families, not chasing the dollar to pay our bills.

    I tried Zoloft and hated it. It made me feel like a zombie who felt nothing – no bad, sure. But no good either.

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    • Yeah it’s a bit much to work so hard and so long for nothing more than a roof over your head and food on the table. But people look at me like I’m straight-up cray when I talk about buying a little land and becoming a homesteader. So ready to check out of this rat race.

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