Of all the strollers to choose from…

single mom stroller

On my list of things we could not have lived without: we have a Maclaren Triumph and we have loved it daily for nearly 3 years. It’s similar to this one: http://amzn.to/1zacjge except ours is an older model – probably 2009 or so. It’s super sturdy, the fabric is really durable, washable and not cheap looking/feeling – and I really love the sunshade. At first I thought the sunshade was weird but it’s actually a brilliant design – it’s so adjustable you can shade your baby’s face no matter where the sun is shining. It’s a great stroller for sleeping too – reclines pretty far back (plus the awesomely adjustable sunshade helps with sleeping). It’s light, has a decent basket underneath. And folds up very compactly for travel.

It’s a little pricey if you buy it new, but you might be able get one free or cheap through your local parenting network or on Freecycle or Craigslist.

Our stroller turned out to be a very important part of our lives over the last few years. It has traveled all over, hauled a ton of groceries and all the leaves sticks and rocks we collect when out and about and has been a great tool for keeping me in shape, too! In hindsight this is the only stroller we really needed though we started with the carseat adapted type and had a jogging/hiking stroller also at one point. The only thing that it might leave you wanting is a cup holder or storage/organizer near the handle bars. But you could always get one of these:  http://amzn.to/1tVhXBD

I love that it was a hand-me-down that has probably carried at least four children around town. I love that we have been able to use it from 6 months to 3 years (though we use it less and less so all the time hence this “ode to stroller”). Happy strolling! I’d love to hear your favorites, too.


2 thoughts on “Of all the strollers to choose from…

    • Oooh! I always see those and love them. I like how the kid is sitting a little higher than in the typical umbrella strollers. And how they can face you. I can’t believe my era of stroller shopping is over! I kind of love them.


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