5 ways I’m making 2016 my year.

single mom success

So, here’s an idea that has been tumbling around my head. I’ve been feeling like life is just a little too “full” at times. When I think about the things there are too much of in my life, I came up with these: the internet, driving, overeating, up to the moment (bad) news, social media. So I decided I would try to take all of these things down a notch… Here are my 5 ways to make 2016 my year:

  1. Fast from the internet. No internet in the morning before work. And one one regular day per week completely away from the internet.
  2. Fast from driving. I already do this at least one day per week and want to keep it going. I love our easy breezy days when we don’t get in the car.
  3. Fast from food. I’ve heard about fasting one day per week and I’ve been intrigued. I don’t think I’m up for that quite yet – but I can do away with eating after dinner.
  4. Fast from constant exposure to headlines. No more headlines in my inbox, Facebook or scrolling for the latest in Twitter.
  5. Fast from Facebook. I just joined a few months ago and I’ve given it a good go. There are things I like about it but I pretty much always feel gross after being on there. Strongly considering deleting my account.

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