On being poor.


I have been meaning to read the book Hand to Mouth for a while – but you know, daily life can be such a grind sometimes so at the end of so many long days the idea of reading a book about the poverty hustle just did not sound relaxing to me. So there it sat for over a month next to my bed. Just lookin’ all cute and wanting to be read. Until I finally picked it up. And let me tell you, this author is hilarious. HILARIOUS. She delivers some straight up shitty news – but made me laugh at the same time. Something I can really admire.

If you have lived in poverty, or have been poor, or broke (all very different things) then this will be some solidarity for your soul. If you haven’t, well I would recommend even more highly that you give it a read. It is reminiscent of Barbara Erhenreich’s Nickel and Dimed – except it’s written from firsthand experience. And it’s funny (and heartbreaking) as hell. I devoured this book in less than three hours total. So worth my time and a conversation so worthy of more airtime in the U.S. if you ask me.


3 thoughts on “On being poor.

    • It is pretty remarkable. I think it should be required reading. If I try to summarize I’d just end up quoting the whole book! So I’ll share a couple of outstanding points she makes:

      “Being healthy and being poor are generally mutually exclusive conditions…a rich person gets these things tended to before they get out of control.”

      “Being poor is something like always being followed around by violins making ‘tense’ movie music.”

      “I walk with a tiny swagger. Many people who have lived in the not-so-nice parts of cities do this to varying degrees because if tells people from a distance that we know how to handle ourselves, and that we are streetwise enough to make a challenging target…To middle and upper class people…[it] sends the unintended signal that I don’t belong in nicer company.”

      I could go on and on. If you have lived it you will be nodding your head yes the whole book…

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve really been appreciating yours!

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      • I will have to check it out! Thank you also re: blog visiting. I know time is precious and I wish I had more time to read. As my diablitos get older, I am hoping they continue to engage each other more and leave me in a corner to read and drink my coffee!!!!

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