Pefectly Broken


Oh snap. If someone went and wrote a novel about my dream come true it would be of moving my little family from the big city into a rambling old farmhouse in the country, growing us a garden and living pretty darn happily ever after. Perfectly Broken is a story very much along those lines. Well now, it’s a little bit different than the story of my dreams…but it’s definitely very believable. I love reading about old houses, the Catskill Mountains, being an ex-urbanite and both the sweet and un-glamourous job of parenting.

I’m being totally honest when I say that he did not have me at page one though. It was the top of page two. And if you read it you will know what I’m talking about. His descriptions of people are so real they are going to sound to you like people you know. I often find myself looking for a novel I can relate to. Which I guess is strange because I think the point of reading a novel is to escape and learn about an entirely different life. But I find myself almost looking for answers in similar lives – how did they make it all work? This novel felt very real.

If you are into neighborhood gossip I think you would like this book. If you wonder about the secret lives of married parents I think you would like this book. It’s a little escape to somewhere not so far away. Check it out here.


8 thoughts on “Pefectly Broken

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  2. “…he did not have me at page one though. It was the top of page two.” BOOM. That’s my kind of book. And I agree with you that I, too, look for answers in fiction, as to how people handle life. I think it helps me handle my own life better.

    Thank you for being on this tour!


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