Dear Mr. You,


I think you should stop right now and just go get this book right now. Seriously. It’s written by single mama Mary-Louise Parker and so many of the chapters either struck such a strong chord or went ahead and opened my mind in very surprising ways. It’s a book of letters to men who are or have been a part of Parker’s life. It’s as incredible as you can imagine your own letters to people who have passed though your life (both good and bad) would be.

Dear Poetry Man, Dear Cerberus. Dear Orderly, Dear Lifeline, Dear Neighbor – were my favorites. I can’t decide – I loved (and hated?) them all. I’m a busy lady and I didn’t regret a single moment I spent with this book, and it’s the first book I’ve read in a long while that I know I will reread again in the near future. There are whole pages of it I could just stick on my wall as reminders of people and places – both to run to or run away from.

I patiently awaited the day Dear Mr. You would be released. I tried to lower my expectations but I couldn’t. Which turned out just fine because it was an amazement. I dare any parent to read Dear Orderly or Dear Lifeline and not be completely moved. It’s so good. Go read it and come back here and tell me what you think!


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