Surf’s up.


This cute little book I posted about has really been kicking around in my head lately. It paints such a lovely picture. And, obviously, leaves the hard parts out. It got me thinking, maybe I don’t leave the hard parts out…enough of the time. In my friendships, in my doula practice and in my nonprofit practice – one of my highest values is consistently being a tell-it-like-it-is kind of person. Life is short, no need to waste any of it, right? It has worked well for me in life. It has pulled the right people into my life and it has helped the not-so-right people know they don’t belong with me.

At the same time as I’ve been telling it like it is in real life, my time on this blog has been more about how to survive it all beautifully, pleasantly, with grace. We all know it doesn’t always work out quite like that…but it helps me to keep on curating lists of how to cope well and with a zest for life fully intact. Now back to surfing the waves + fresh breaths of ocean air (they do go together).

How do you merge the two? How hard life can be + keeping cool as a cucumber? Need your tricks!


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