The mom I wanted to be: links to look at.


Sometimes, after a good and long day, I try to reel my mind back to when I was pregnant – just dreaming up what kind of mom I would be. It was a fuzzy image but a positive one. It definitely lacked the knowledge of how hard it can all be. But I have to relish in the ways my vision was right on. This is a thought I come back to often – to kind of realign my reality with my highest values. With that in mind, while digging through my Pinterest account, I found some things that remind me of what my early vision of motherhood was – and how those visions sometimes overlap really well with how life really turned out to look.

Easy, environmentally friendly crafts.

As many cuddles as I can get.

Creating a cozy, colorful space for my kid.

Making a sweet home.


And building.


Bath time.

And so much sidewalk chalk.




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