Easiest toddler morning routine ever…


Omg, that title made me laugh. It is. SO. Hard for us to get out the door in the morning. Just me and my toddler? Or you, too?! Over the last year I’ve come up with a few tips that help us get out the door easier. They work like a charm for us…hopefully they are a help to you as well!

The night before:

  • Pack lunch for school: we use this container, dinner leftovers go in the bottom, the middle is nuts/crackers/cheese/dried fruit, the top is fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Pajamas = clothes for the next day: stretch pants and a soft, long-sleeved shirt…
  • Put shoes by the front door: or make it even simpler by leaving a shoe basket by the front door so shoes are just always by the front door.
  • Have a plan for breakfast: have a little go-to list so you aren’t having to be creative first thing in the am. Our options are: plain yogurt with jam and granola, toast and a protein bar, cheerios with a handful of pinenuts thrown in, overnight oats with apples cinnamon and walnuts, or chicken-apple sausage and toast.

In the morning:

  • Potty + brush teeth at the same time: two birds one stone.
  • Breakfast Part I (at the table): we talk about the day ahead while eating.
  • Shoes on, jacket on: That’s it for getting dressed and that’s how I like it. 😉
  • Breakfast Part II (in the car): the rest of our toast, protein bar, etc can be eaten on the way to preschool.

I hope at least one of those tips are helpful to your family. I’d love to hear your tips, too!


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