Eat Dirt.


Eat Dirt is a new book that has been getting a ton of buzz lately. Have you already heard about it? It’s about how to eat to repair and prevent “leaky gut syndrome” – a theory about the origin of many autoimmune disorders. Whether you believe this theory or not, I think the book some good takeaway messages:

  • Ultra cleanliness/sterilization/antibacterial soap is not necessarily good for us.
  • Probiotics are an important of our diet.
  • Raw honey is good for you.
  • Pets are good for you.
  • Swimming in the ocean is good for you.
  • Walking barefoot is good for you.

Those are all things I can get behind. As a scientist, I enjoyed reading anecdotes from research and case studies. As a mom and a postpartum doula, I think this is a great perspective for parents who try to sanitize their children’s worlds. It also reminds me of the article How to Get High on Soil – something I’m really into!

There are so many good ideas in this book – it would be hard to walk away from it without an idea or two that would make your life better at least in some small way. And I love a book with a good recipe section…curried cauliflower soup, sweet potato/beet hash and a cherry pie smoothie? Coming right up!

Check out the book Eat Dirt here.


5 thoughts on “Eat Dirt.

  1. Good point of reminding parents not to ovedo it with the sanitizing. Also, I will have to mention the book to my little sister…when we were kids, I convinced her to eat dirt by telling her it was chocolate. Yeah, not one of my proudest moments in life haha

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