Intentions / April Version


Eating / Chia jam.

Drinking / Cinnamon rose tulsi tea.

Practicing / This move.

Mastering / The art of packing a lunch. It’s all about this container.

Learning / Every thing and every being has a life-cycle – feel more free to let anything go in its time.

Trying / To bring back my strong core muscles.

Playing / Homemaker. Spring cleaning!

Finishing / A wildly busy month. Phew! Goodbye March, I wish you went a little slower.

Reading, me / How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Reading, toddler / Sonya’s Chickens.

Remembering / All the single moms I knew growing up. And how at the time I didn’t even realize they were single moms because it was…No. Big. Deal.

Wearing / All the clothes I’ve been happy recipient of due to friends “konmari-ing” their closets.

Cooking / Curry udon.

Working / With my hands. Slowly moving away from my computer based work.

Traveling / Spring break! To Seattle and beyond!

Wanting / So many books. My Amazon cart has 124 books in it. I’d settle for pretty much anything Jonah Winter though.


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