Summer of Me


I couldn’t resist picking up Summer of Me. It’s a story of a single mom of twins who works hard and lives for her kids every single day. Until one summer when the twins travel to spend their vacation with their father. Hmmmm, just what does a mom do with an entire summer to herself?! Sounded like an interesting enough premise to me!

I really wanted to like it. At first, I just didn’t really get lost in it. The writing was okay enough, but the characters…so many of them just rubbed me the wrong way. I was bummed at the way the single mom main character is portrayed overall. I was bummed that she puts up with disrespectful friends. I was bummed she is not allowed to be perfectly happy without a man/partner. I was bummed that she uses her looks and sexuality to manipulate men and women. But who knows?! Maybe all the things I didn’t like about it would actually make it a really great escape for someone else.

It kind of reminds me of how I felt about moms groups when my baby was first born. I totally thought a bunch of moms would get together and we’d all get along great and be friends happily ever after. It isn’t that simple, is it? There are some moms you get along great with and there are others that just can’t seem to sit with each other. After three years of trying I’m still bummed about that. But pretty happy to have found the true gem moms that I have.

How about you? Do you know of any novels that fit the bill of portraying a single mom in a good light and that have a positive story to tell?  And how has your experience of mom “matchmaking” been? Hoping you have all the right books and the right people in your life!


2 thoughts on “Summer of Me

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