A new perspective.


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Ugh, I just get so tired of some of the repetition in my life sometimes. Especially when it comes to household chores. So I’m trying to flip things around in my mind a bit.

A sink full of dishes? Yes! We had lots of food to eat!

Endless loads of laundry? Great! We have our own tiny washer to wash our lovely clothes!

Scrubbing the toilet again? Yay! My kid uses the toilet now!

Early wake up time every day for the rest of my life? AWESOME! I have a kid who I love and who loves me and we can’t wait to catch up after a long night of sleep!

Trouble getting out the door? We are so lucky to have great things to get to every day!

Crumbs on the floor? Yay! The mice can eat! Just kidding.


2 thoughts on “A new perspective.

  1. This is great. Just this weekend I was thinking/grumbling to myself about everything I have to do to keep my life/my daughter’s life afloat and no one to share the burden of every damn chore. This is a great way to turn things around. Thank you!

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