Gone strawberry picking…


Be back soon to make this and this and more of this.


Intentions / May version


Eating / No dairy, no meat, no sweets. But LOTS of everything else!

Drinking / Sour cherry beer.

Practicing / An upcoming difficult conversation.

Mastering / Slowly but seamlessly going from Groupon to Groupon in my quest for fitness/strength.

Learning / My circle of true friends may be small but it is so worthy.

Trying / Not to get stuck on principle.

Playing / In the garden! My lil’ gardener and I are going from kale and fava beans to tomatoes and basil.

Finishing / Up dreams in the first minutes of being awake.

Reading, me / Ongoingness: the end of a diary

Reading, toddler / Cinnamon Baby

Remembering / To stop and do some ab work everyday.

Wearing / Espadrilles.

Cooking / Poached eggs. All these years I had no idea how easy it is to do!

Working / On taking a break from Facebook. It’s just adding a little too much information to my life, you know?

Traveling / A volunteer, leaf-raking camping trip in the mountains. Second year in a row! I think this makes it an official family tradition!

Wanting / A good water filter

Take a break: links to look at.


download.jpgWe rented a little house on a working farm with some friends for Mother’s Day weekend and it was a blast. Watching our kids frolic around, play, climb, ask a hundred questions, be sweet to each other, get upset with each other and work it allllll out was really fun. Sharing child watch with two other mamas, taking turns cooking and cleaning up and putting the kids to bed then staying up late just chatting, laughing and coming close to tears in conversation was pretty fulfilling as well. It really felt like a break. Other things that have felt like a break lately…

My foam roller. You make my back feel fantastic! What would I do without you?!

Have you seen Shameless? A friend remarked on some similarities after I entertained him with some stories about my childhood. I could definitely relate to some of it! It’s pretty hilarious.

Lately I’ve been running a hot bath for myself as soon as I put my child to bed. Add a handful of this and a few drops of this to really maximize the experience!

On slow mornings around the house I will set my kid up with his watercolors while I make my way through the dishes or laundry. Often I will join him in painting after that – watercolors are really fun to experiment with!

And I always look forward to moments I can escape into a good book. My current read. Not sure what is next yet… Have any good suggestions for books?!



Recipes for a Beautiful Life.

51PF-e3i4ML._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_-1I recently read Rebecca Barry’s memoir/collection of essays about motherhood called Recipes for a Beautiful Life. I definitely laughed aloud at her take on life as a mom of a small children, but what really stuck with me were her descriptions of the more poignant and heart-wrenching parts of the job. Shea really made me stop and wonder: why do we get stuck for hours or days replaying the hard moments in our minds instead of spending that amount of time mulling over the beautiful stuff. Strange right? I also loved the recipes scattered throughout, like “a lost day platter” which consists of plunking down on a table some cheese, figs, bread, olives, dark chocolate, pears, wine and some good bourbon. I will come to that party anytime! In fact a friend comes over and we catch up and laugh along with my child’s antics over a similar smorgasbord every few months. It’s a great time for all! The book was relate-able, thought provoking and just plain made me feel less alone in the beauty and the challenges of parenthood. And it’s a quick read also! Each essay is only a few pages at most so it’s a great read for the playground or beach…


41R42xhOWbL._SX349_BO1,204,203,200_I’m a reading machine lately – and it feels so good!  It reminds me of my late teens and early twenties when I was completely unaffected and uninfluenced by the internet. The good ol’ days!

My latest read is Capture: Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering. I kind of saw this as dozens of articles that would each separately go viral on the internet – but composed into one book. The author moves effortlessly from telling the story of David Foster Wallace’s suicide to the painful ways people can experience love to what leads to violence. Hard topics for sure but I found it to be a real page turner for me. Fascinating ideas about topics presented in ways I have never thought about them. A highly recommended read for when you are ready to think deeply about tough issues.

Speaking of tough issues! Single parenthood is kicking my a** lately. My three year old is mostly delightful so that has been great. It’s really all the other stuff that is getting to me right now. The constant sink full of dishes, the messy house, the paperwork, the cooking/cleaning/daily routines/work. I try to put a positive spin on it but…it’s simply hard to be consistent and run smoothly all the time. Especially after three years of doing it alone. I feel like I’m sputtering out. I’m not sure what the solution is but I did buy a bunch of paper plates and cups and disposable utensils. I hate to be wasteful but I’m losing my sanity with it all! Hoping that can take the edge off. And now I’m off to find my next book to escape into tonight…