Recipes for a Beautiful Life.

51PF-e3i4ML._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_-1I recently read Rebecca Barry’s memoir/collection of essays about motherhood called Recipes for a Beautiful Life. I definitely laughed aloud at her take on life as a mom of a small children, but what really stuck with me were her descriptions of the more poignant and heart-wrenching parts of the job. Shea really made me stop and wonder: why do we get stuck for hours or days replaying the hard moments in our minds instead of spending that amount of time mulling over the beautiful stuff. Strange right? I also loved the recipes scattered throughout, like “a lost day platter” which consists of plunking down on a table some cheese, figs, bread, olives, dark chocolate, pears, wine and some good bourbon. I will come to that party anytime! In fact a friend comes over and we catch up and laugh along with my child’s antics over a similar smorgasbord every few months. It’s a great time for all! The book was relate-able, thought provoking and just plain made me feel less alone in the beauty and the challenges of parenthood. And it’s a quick read also! Each essay is only a few pages at most so it’s a great read for the playground or beach…


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