Intentions / May version


Eating / No dairy, no meat, no sweets. But LOTS of everything else!

Drinking / Sour cherry beer.

Practicing / An upcoming difficult conversation.

Mastering / Slowly but seamlessly going from Groupon to Groupon in my quest for fitness/strength.

Learning / My circle of true friends may be small but it is so worthy.

Trying / Not to get stuck on principle.

Playing / In the garden! My lil’ gardener and I are going from kale and fava beans to tomatoes and basil.

Finishing / Up dreams in the first minutes of being awake.

Reading, me / Ongoingness: the end of a diary

Reading, toddler / Cinnamon Baby

Remembering / To stop and do some ab work everyday.

Wearing / Espadrilles.

Cooking / Poached eggs. All these years I had no idea how easy it is to do!

Working / On taking a break from Facebook. It’s just adding a little too much information to my life, you know?

Traveling / A volunteer, leaf-raking camping trip in the mountains. Second year in a row! I think this makes it an official family tradition!

Wanting / A good water filter


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