Intentions / June version



Eating / French lentil and farro stew with spinach.

Drinking / Water. Water. And more water.

Practicing / How to be the best parent I can be. Every. Single. Day.

Thinking / About a haircut.

(Still) Learning / To trust my intuition about people.

Trying / To keep writing here. Even when I’m busy and overwhelmed. Because it helps a little.

Playing / Episodes of Ask This Old House. I love that my kid and I both like watching this.

Loving / My unique, caring, determined, clever, hilarious child.

Reading, me / Orchard House

Reading, toddler / The Skin You Live In

Remembering / My 17 year old self. She was a bad-ass. I liked her.

Wearing / These sandals.

Cooking / Stocking the fridge for the week. Hard-boiled eggs, three bean salad, carrot/cucumber/edamame salad, salmon cakes, quinoa cakes, crock-pot beet hummus, granola.

Working / Out. Thanks to seemingly endless Groupon deals.

Traveling / Sardine Lake here we come!

Wanting / To never worry about money again.


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