Greetings From Utopia Park.

51VevgN9+YL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_I once had a short but hilariously life altering romance with a guy who practiced Transcendental Meditation. Not only was he a twice per day practitioner, but he had grown up in Fairfield Iowa among thousands of like-minded individuals and families. His stories about growing up there fascinated me. He was a truly unique person and I felt drawn to discover how he came to be that way – a large part of which was his growing up in a town that was part rural, part cult, part hippie and part townie. Now that I’m raising my own child and thinking of how people get to be how they are, I think about people like him that I have met along the way.

So I was very enthusiastic to read the new book Greetings From Utopia Park, written by a woman who had also grown up in that same small town. Her mother, a single parent, moved there with her two kids in effort to have a more peaceful life. It cuts me to the core reading about how hard her mother worked and how she made many mistakes – but how loving she was and what a close relationship they ultimately have as mother and child. The author now has children of her own and is able to reflect a bit on her mother’s experience as a single mom. I only wish I could have read a little more of that in the book. It’s really a page turner. And it may make you want to do a little meditating…


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