Intentions / July version


Eating / Oatmeal every morning. Don’t worry, this list doesn’t stay quite this boring.

Drinking / Tulsi tea. A heartbreaking and stressful world calls for lots of Tulsi tea.

Practicing / Handstands. Good for a new perspective on things and shaking some thoughts around.

Thinking / About all the mamas losing their black babies. For no reason.

Learning / Boxing.

Trying / To have more patience. (Do I say that every month?)

Playing / Road construction, carpenter, cat, fire fighter, police officer, mama raccoon.

Loving / My resourceful, original, brilliant, beautiful, plucky little comedian child who finds joy even as I cry pushing the stroller at yet another protest action.

Reading, me / A gorgeous friend gifted me this gorgeous book – to further my knowledge and skills to support the postpartum moms I work with. Feeling freshly inspired…

Reading, toddler / Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children

Remembering / All the ages and stages my child and I have been through.

Wearing / Sunscreen!

Cooking / Cast-iron Pizza!

Working / A new non-profit client and a new postpartum family about to be due. It’s going to be a sweet end of summer and into fall.

Traveling / A week of much needed summer camp in the mountains. So glad to have found this lovely community. A salve for the soul. It feels like we can solve anything up there.

Wanting / More justice. More peace. We can do it.


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