Long time…

surviving single motherhoodI’m not making it over to this space as often as I intend to. I really adore this blog though. It keeps me positive in the harder moments. We are currently going through the fun times that being about 3.5 years old brings. The fun is funner and the tantrums are…louder? Glad he feels comfortable with me enough to let it alllll out. All I hear from others is how charming he is. Guess he’s saving the rough moments for me…?

That and the world being as crazy as ever has us like…let’s get away… So away we go to the great-out-of-doors. I heard a saying once, I think something like “…when things go wrong, go outside.” Or as a friend says – if you are feeling bad feelings that feel unnatural…go out in nature. It works for us. Other things that are getting me/us through:

Tending our little aloe plant. So simple and so satisfying. That plant and I have a whole dialogue going I tell you.

Groupons = saving the day. For yoga, boxing classes and maybe a massage or facial every once in a while. You can’t beat a yoga class for under $2! It practically doubles your well-being at that price! And, ps, I’m pretty much loving boxing. Who knew?! You can also buy very inexpensive passes to museums for you and the kid(s)… Click over there – right now they have a 20% off sale going which just makes everything ridiculously hard to pass up.

Lot’s of kids books. Here is a very calming one.

Lots of reading for me after my child goes to bed. Surprise, surprise, right? I know it’s practically all I’ve managed to write about here lately.

Headstands and handstands. Try it, you might like it.

A little baking. So fun! So messy! Our latest is these muffins + cream cheese frosting.

Books on tape. I’ve used them on road trips but I’m experimenting with having a book on tape in the car for our regular times in the car. So far soooo good! Desert Solitaire is up next.



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