Intentions / August version


Eating / It’s zucchini season and we have been gifted a few baseball bat sized zucchini over the past couple weeks. So…zucchini muffins, zucchini soup, and the most simple but addictive sauteed zucchini…it is!

Drinking / Tea all day. Nettle, dandelion, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, tulsi. Getting me through the day.

Practicing / Jumping rope. Surprisingly challenging.

Thinking / About upcoming travels. A camping trip here…a cabin trip there…repeat. Good things are ahead.

Learning / And loving, boxing.

Trying / New tactics for clean-up time. I’m so over stepping on toys, ouch.

Playing / Kitties, babies, carpenters, superheros, dinosaurs.

Loving / My usually jolly sometimes tantrum-y, industrious little child who has a shockingly incredible and impressive memory.

Reading, me / Well, more like reading and re-reading this book. Because difficult things just keep on happening don’t they?

Reading, toddler / Loving this one. Such a conversation starter.

Remembering / It’s all going to fly by just like the last 3.5 years have flown by.

Wearing / A very stylish friend told me about her favorite thrift shop. I’ve scored a few cheap but great items already.

Cooking / Hmmm…besides zucchini? As little as possible.

Working / Getting ready to close out with one of my first clients from this adventure in self-employment. Learned a lot from this one. Will be a bittersweet last day.



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